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basic training in the police: If you are serving police officer, community support officer, special constable,
police & criminal justice support worker, someone who works in the security industry, or an individual interested
in joining the policing or security, basic training in the police page will provide you with the relevant resources to undertake the
your Police Training Courses to help you overcome any unnecessary barriers there might be to you achieving
the career with the Met you're looking for.

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The basic training in the police page provides information on training and courses for the policing environment together with a database of several training courses that are running through the UK. If you are searching for Police Selection Process, Joining The Police, Police Promotion, Pre-recruitment courses or simply basic training in the police, our Police Training and Courses section will cover all the aspects.

basic training in the police details many of the training courses available for potential police officers, police probationary officers, and police officers of all ranks. This will include courses for specialist areas of police work. The Police Courses site includes details of many higher education and University courses for police officers to be able to improve their level of knowledge and understanding of the complexities of policing.

A career in the Police service can be immensely varied and rewarding. As in any job application process, it is important to give yourself  every chance of success, so that you can get it right the first time. Before applying for any position in the police service or requesting for a promotion, you might like to consider these things:

a. Search for the Police Training and Course providers nearest to your locality.

b. Checking out In2Police who offers exclusive training to improve the skills of applicants so they can pass the rigorous Police Assessment process. The comprehensive package is the only private training available which covers the whole range of recruitment requirements.

c. Keep yourself uptodate with the Police News. Register for free police newsletters so that you keep up to date with police news and appear knowledgeable during the interview process.

d. Purchasing one of the books that Police Shop has carefully chosen for you which will guide you to achieve your aim and objective quickly.

e. Joining the police forum where there is a special area for those going through the selection process.

f. Buying one of the packages prepared by those in the know that will help you with the police application process. The one we would recommend is How To Become A UK Police Officer.

g. If you want to view the current vacancies that are currently being advertised, view the Police recruitment section.

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